Dreaming Japan – day 9 – Nagasaki

Day 9 – Nagasaki – 5/5/17
Boy’s day (koi!)
Ghibli museum
Atomic bomb museum

Dark and cloudy, mostly rain, today was about museum. Today was “boy’s days”, vacation dedicated to young boys (there is another one for girls). Everything was “koi” themed.

First stop ghibli museum in Nagasaki (yes, I know, ghibli musum is in tokyo but, guess what, I should have booked months in advance).
The museum was pack full of people, but since we are in japan, everything was extremely organized and in well order. It was a huge queque of people slowly moving, each one waiting for his turn to see things.

Nagasaki museum was less crowded. I learnt many things about the horror of the bomb above the city. So many people dead…

Dinner in nagasaki city center. Traditional restaurant.. But with hole under the table. My knees were happy. The area was full of young people, celebrating the boy day. Japanese young girl have this way of laughing, actually giggling, on a very acute sound. Japanese have a very way to describe that:
(Hashi ga korogatte mo okashī toshigoro)
[ Funny around even rolling chopsticks ]

Today I’ve learnt:
– japanese young girl finds everything funny, even rolling chopsticks.
– Miyazaki-san ama volare, e ha sempre ” la testa tra le nuvole”
– Japanese phones (and smartphone) still use T9 (Non é raro quindi vedere telefoni di merda in giro, di quelli che si piegano a meta’)

ps. I’ve been corrected. Japanese DON’T eat sushi at breakfast.
Still they eat fish in the morning. But not sushi.

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