Dreaming Japan – day 8 – Nagasaki

Day 8 – Nagasaki
– Traditional breakfast in ryokan
– Move to nagasaki
– Gunkanjima
– Nagasaki church
– Traditional bath on island
– Dinner with Fugu!

Day 8, began with traditional breakfast in the ryokan. Apparently they eat sushi in the morning ad well.
We then moved to Nagasaki, for a quick sightseeing of the port area. This is the most mixed city I’ve seen so far. There are westeners, chinese, korean; and a weird mix of temple, shrine and churces. Historically was the only city open to west, and this is clearly visible in the city layout.

We then move to one of my “must see”: Gunkanjima!!
For those who know what is it, I have to say that the place is incredible and sad. It is recently awarded by unesco, so the whole city made it as a major visiting place (souvenir of Gunkanjima are all over the city). The visit consited in a very well organized boat trip, and a small trip on the island, in a “restricted to tourist place only”. The rest of the island is possible to visit only with a special permission, which you need to get…. Months in advance. I consider myself very lucky considering the boat trip Miho booked 2 months ahead was the few last available space, and Japanese organisation never lacks.

We then move to a very japanese experience. The traditional bath.
While the ryokan had a bath, a specific bath place offers natual thermal water and a very calm, cosy and beatiful environment. Evtrything is bamboo, wood, stone, water and cold air. You can stay in the hot water, or chill pulling outside. Water noise is costant. A pleasure for body and mind.

Back to reality, and back to my mission. Exploring Japanese food. Tonight was the time of Fugu, the puffyfish! Since is not exaclty the season of fugu, I had the chance to have only a small fugu (which is still very poisonous), so he was served as one of many dishes.
(Sorry fugu, but i liked my squid friend more).

Today I’ve learnt:
– japanese eat sushi even for breakfast
– Gunkanjima is visited by 1000 people a day
– The walkway done for turist in gunkanjima is on the typhoon side of the island (nothing was bulild on that side!) and they rebuilt it 3 time already.
– Japanese loves Harley Davidson, but they don’t lose their innate practicality!
– Fugu is an asshole! If he doesn’t kill you with the spike, he kills you with poison.

Ps.For obvious reasons I cannot take pictures of the bath, so Here u can find a reference image of what is advertised in the bath brochure. Your experience could be different.

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