Dreaming Japan – day 7 – Fukuoka – Yanagawa

Back to writing (little bit late)..
Day 7. We move out from fukuoka, walking in a huge store before taking the train. Here shopping mall are not frequent, but department store are very common. 7 floor selling mainly technology, but also tous, clotes, underware, house equipment, under the same roof. It give it a “more japanese” touch, with advertising and writing everywhere (shopping mall are the same everywhere in the world, under the name of brand identity).

In Fukuoka i ate fresh squid!
First they fish your lunch, then they cut his outer skin in stripes, which you can eat as sashimi. Then you give the rest to the kimono waiter which later brings you back a tempura of the body and tentacles, together with soup. So tasty!!!

We later arrived by bus on Yanagawa, the Japanese venice. The hotel was a ryokan, traditional tatami restaurant. We had traditional dinner and traditional breakfast.
I played for hours with paper door. The japanese house is a perfect example of flexibily in architecture.

Today I’ve learnt:

– Japanese fish is so fresh that sometime still move… While you eat it.
– Squid turn red when they are surprised! (Here would be nice to have a Japanese image representing that).
– Japanese bus are an adventure
– Japanese do tombstone for fish, saying “sorry we eat you a lot, but you’re tasty”
– Japanese tatami is more confortable than what it looks, but paper walls dont block sun.
– Sometime children disappears in temple (spirited away). Nobody seems bother, maybe the Gods took them. (Kamikakushi)

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