Dreaming Japan – day 5 – Kyoto

Second day in Kyoto, began with Katsura (again!). Turn out the informations we had about it were wrong and… It’s closed on Monday!

So we moved ahead deeper in the coutry to reach the Tenryu-ji temple area of Arashiyama, next to an amazing bamboo forest! I learned how bamboo grow, and that you can eat baby bamboo. Lunch in amazing traditional Kyoto dishes.

Next step, the golden temple.

For dinner we were on a Kawadoko, a restaurant on the river, for an amazing lost-the-count courses fish meal (Hamo)



Today I’ve learnt:
– you can eat baby bamboo, and it’s really tasty.
– Japanese love eating roots, even if this is not much appreciated by foreigners.
– sometime Japan doesn’t open at all. Without warning, but with a lot of <sorry> and <bowing>



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