Dreaming Japan – day 4 – Kyoto

Day 4. Train from Osaka to Kyoto, barely 15mins at 300 km/h
We went straight to Katsura, knowing that is possible to buy ticket for the day. Finding really few information about it we went there to talk. Some lovely lady explain us how, and we replan the visit for the next day.

We then moved to the hearth of Kyoto, visiting the Kiyomizu temple. Since is Japan holiday, many local turist walked the street, and a lot of them dressed with Kimono (many many daily renting place around us). It was so nice and gave a very tidy and nice environment (I’m used to american people in “turist uniform”, shorts and flip flop “sciabattanti”). Even if many where polyester and with too much weird drawing (you could easily see the authentic silk ones, much more elegant), it was just nice to have them in the pictures.
Walk walk walk
Kimono kimono kimono
Walk walk
We reached then the Kenjin Temple, famous for the amazing dragon ceiling (please google it).

For dinner we headed to a tatami restaurant. Amazing experience, truly japanese enviroment and… A lot of pain in my knees.

Today I’ve learnt:
– Japanese Temple close at 5pm. Sometime at 4:30.
– You cannot touch Geishas.
– Miso soup is always the last dish
– Sushi is not appetizer



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