Dreaming Japan – day 3 – Osaka

Day 3

On our third day we packed our stuff , got some lovely bento, and took the fast train (Shinkansen) to Osaka. 300 km/h of confort, very big seats, airplane windows style, cabin crew going up and down and lovely music when reaching the station.

In Osaka was a beautiful sunny day (luckily, since it was raining in the train). We headed to the castle. A recent reconstruction of the azuchi momoyama period (around 1600). The whole area is huge, with several layer of walls and river (ohori) inside each other, protecting the castle, the citadel, and a small surrounding. Funny thing: the way from a gate to the inner one is always making lots of turns, bending, curves. Just after the second gate you have to turn right (you have a wall in front of you!) and after several meter make a U turn around the wall. Turn right again, then left, then right, then…. Now i understand many videogame layout!!!!
We then move to Shinsekay – downtown Osaka. Amazing area full of shops restaurant (puffy fish themed, speciality of the area) where we had an aperitivo. The area start to be filled with saturday night life. We then moved into Dotombari – the river side, full of people, of life, of drinking places and we ate sushi!
Today I’ve learnt:
– The sushi is served on a plate, which is the connection between you in you and the chef (syokunin). Is not just about eating fish, is an experience shared between both parties.
– there are clubs in which You can choose your “companion”, to have a chat for a drink. There are club for male and female as well. Pictures are available on the sign of the place


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