Dreaming Japan – day 15 – Last Day

Day 15- Tokyo – 11/05/17
I’m going back.

My vacation ends here, but I still have an amazing emotion in my heart. I travelled a lot in my life, but it was quite a while since I’ve been so much happy of a vacation. The atmosphere, the human-scale, the perfectionism, it just makes me wish I visit Japan earlier in my life.

Today I’ve learnt:
– Computer keyboard is consider a unpolite noise in train.
– Don’t belive shinkansen announcement.
– Sobayu potto. When a box meets an handle and the pouring side in a very weird way.

Final consideration and things i forgot to mentions
– I understand now while the Japan pavillion in Milan expo had always 4h queque. That was actually part of the experience.
– Japan is crazy expensive. Thing of a price, then double. You have Dubai. Double it again. London. Double it once more to reach Japan prices.
– I have the feeling that westeners don’t belong here. Evrybody want to enjoy the peaceful calm of tokyo, but the wrong matched color dresses of USA people stand out too much.
– In my next life i want to born in Japan.

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