Dreaming Japan – day 14 – Tokyo

Day 14 – Tokyo – 10/05/17

Day 14. Last day basically.
I’m getting use to Japanese customs.
My pockets are full of 10 cent coins, I can walk while writing this same text, and I can even order food!
With my few speaching skill, a lot of [ bowing ] and many “ay”, I can get ALMOST what I expected! (beside that kind of ice-cold coffe which was pretty looking like a coke in the menu…)

I’m pretty happy I din’t starve so far..

So… I’m focusing the few things I still have to visit. Time for Saint Mary Chathedral, Kenzo Tange. It’s just… Wow. Kenzo is my new Idol.

Then I met Panda-san.
Panda-san is kawaii.
It was indeed very busy into…. Panda things, i guess. eating. rolling around. eating again. Rest of the zoo didn’t impress me, too many cages. Mr. Bear-san was very sad.

Later I’ve seen people going out from office. Have to say that impressed me, even after all this time in Japan. 8:05pm, a line of people exiting a building. Perfect order, evry single one looking at it’s phone, moving same speed, like zombie in one direction (the nearby metro). The metro station istead was a frenetic chaos of people going evrywhere to find the correct line (intersection of 3 lines). This was NOT a busy area, but shopping street. Cannot imagine what happen in office district…….

Another consideration worth to mentions:
Japan host some very weird space travel doorway. the curious fact is commercial space are on multiple level (it is common to have a bar or a restaurant on the 7th floor!) Most of building have public elevator Free to access, so you enter the lift and when door open you are in a completely different space, different decoration, different feeling. While the street are amazingly human-scale, the indoor area are extremely confusing, and you often lose yourself into indoor mall or 7store heigh shops (let’s not talk about the metro).

Today I’ve learnt:
– how to get rid of the 10c coins (Still I have the 1c).
– Japanese don’t know anything about anti-glare glass. (Maybe cause they never had glass. In 1000 year maybe they will master it…. And it will be perfect. It just requires time).
– You can put 1000 japanese walking in different direction and they will never crush to each other. Japanese are electrons.

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