Dreaming Japan – day 13 – Tokyo

Day 13 – Tokyo – 9/5/17
Asakusa and temple
National Museum
Weird things

Today Asakusa. The temple is very famous and one of the main attraction of Tokyo. From the gate to the temple there is something like 500m of shops, making the way to temple veeeery slow. Here is full of turist and schooltrip.

After that I moved to Ueno, for a visit of the national museum.
Miho told me that many Girls choose school based on the uniform. Today, while in the museum there is only old people and school trip guys, I understand why (still I don’t know where all the million turist all of a sudden went! I guess the rolling chopstick are in the zoo).

Japan never had “art” as we know it (an useless, purely beatiful piece of decoration). Instead they develop art in evryday objects, such pottery, metalwork (katanas!) and screen partition (quite practical when walls are made of paper). Still i don’t know why they lose this. Maybe cause of western? while western develop “art” in daily life only thanks to design, somehow japanese design now totally lacks of aestetichs in favor of practicality (let’s face it. Japan car are horrible looking, but the engineering is way superior). I wonder.

Not forgetting than Japan is based on maintanance. Fragile material, wood and paper required frequent replacment, but are widely available. Stone is durable but expensive to replace. Replacing means getting it better. And better. And better. Japan is perfection trough infinite repetition.
Standardization, even in dress code (ALL men wear the SAME exact suit), while personalization is only in detail and decoration (aka japanese art). Tie.
(Most of the japanese female wear skirt instead. Like kimono, lenght is depending on the age).

Walked back on omotesanto to finish few architectural visit.

Today I’ve learnt:
– funny part of japanese history: they basically had war within themself for most of their story. As a close country, why held war abroad while you can fight your onw people?
– Even museum, to be elegant and minimal, show only few selected items. Really few.
– Many Girls choose school based on the uniform they’re going to wear.
– Japanese never invented glass.
– Even museum are “seasonal” (sorry, Okusai exhibition is finished.. Last year).

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