Dreaming Japan – day 12 – Tokyo

Day 12 – Tokyo – 8/5/17
Hitomi-san tour
Hamarikyu Gardens

Day 12. Today I’m wandering around with Hitomi-san, the guide that show japan to my aunty. It’s been funny to speak italian in japan!
The plan took us around ginza and the fishmarket. The famous messy amazing fish market.

Later we move to Hamarikyu Gardens, an old daymio (?) residence, now left as park open to public with just few pavillion inside. It’s nice to see there is free eagles circling in the sky…

After old park, super modern. Boat to Odaiba, where the famous sphere-on-the-building is. Amazing area, very modern. Here i could find the Toyota park, which satisfy my need for cars.

Head back to town and up to Asakusa, for a brief introduction of the area.

Today I’ve learnt:
– there are eagles flying around Tokyo.
– If you plan to go in japan start book things now. For 2020.
– The reason behind the portal gate walkway in kyoto or tokyo
– Japanese garden are made to be seen on a sitted (on the ground) position. Putting a chair in a pavillion won’t have the same effect.

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