Dreaming Japan – day 11 – Tokyo

Day 11 – Tokyo – 7/5/17
Last Miho day
City hall
Imperial palace garden

Day 11. We start from the confusing, messy, colorful area of Shinjiku (the one we saw yesterday by night), and moving from there toward the city hall, passing trough an area with amazing shining new skyscraper (skyscraper don’t have advertise on top).

Next stop Imperial garden. Aka, the outer Garden of imperior palace, many people use the park to run, walk, get some fresh air, take selfie…

Last stop of the day, Ginza. Is amazing how you pass from a gardeny calm area to a messy busy shopping are in just few m.
Here we decide to award our 17000step per day avarage to get a proper massage. Luckily we find a proper one (no sexy kimono girl, but a physiotherapist). I feel much better now, and I’m seriously thinking to buy a lighter camera.

Miho is now leaving, going back to work, and I’m heading to the next japanese experience, the capsule hotel!

Today I’ve learnt:
– many basement have shopping facilities, often connected together and to the metro. You can walk for km without seeing the light in a labirint of shops, stairs, vending machine, busy people.
– Girls take underskirt selfie.
– pop star supporter have specific moves/dance to match their idol (basically the public moves weirdly, kind of at the same way).

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