Dreaming Japan – day 10 – Tokyo

Toio ito teatre
House NA

Day 10 is been mostly traveling back to Tokyo, and dedicated to architectural visit. So I’ll use this space for a brief description of Tokyo activities available for a fee:

Please note sex services are illegal in japan, as well kissing in public. Beside that, you can have any of these:
– Friend Rental: you can rent a friend, so you can picture togeter… For social media. (People use this also for wedding speach)
– Office dream – bar where waiter are dressed in office dress. And you can shout to them (? Not confirmed)
– Maid cafe – waiter are dressed as victorian maids
– Butler cafe – waiter (only men) are all butlers
– Dubweiser bar – girl are dressed as “formula 1 umbrella girl”
– Karaoke: As the name says
– (Mimikaki) You can put your head on the lap of a kimono girl, while she clean your ears
– (Hooters – yes the american one). Girls are dressed with tank top and very very short shorts.
– (Cuddle cafe) a girl hug you for a fee
– (Consultant) pay sevice in which a consultant tell you the best place for your expectations.
– (Health club) a girl have a shower with you (but not sex)
– (Health delivery) a girl is delivered to you
– (Host delivery) a guy is delivered to you (girl can also ask him to date him)
– (? No name found) gay and lesbian services for “beginners” if you want to practice.
– (Pink saloon) a girl (dressed) do a service by hand. The next costumer is sit next to you.
– (Boobs pub) you can touch and drink with lady (that’s all)
– (Cabaret club) you drink with a lady (you pay her time and her drinks)
– (Club) same but more fancy
– (girl bars) staff is only girl (sexy? Tbc)
– (Snack) drink is made on your table by the staff (usually girl staff only)
– (Host club) you drink with a guy which you can select from a catalogue
– (Massage shop) you can get a sexy massage from a guy
– (Couple cafe) bar for couple only, in which you can have sex. (Basically sex in public).
– (Happening bar) bar for only man or couple. Couple can have sex in the bar, and other costumer can join.
– (Ok this is getting weird, better stop now).


Today I’ve learnt:
– different price different service.

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