Dreaming Japan – day 11 – Tokyo

Day 11 – Tokyo – 7/5/17
Last Miho day
City hall
Imperial palace garden

Day 11. We start from the confusing, messy, colorful area of Shinjiku (the one we saw yesterday by night), and moving from there toward the city hall, passing trough an area with amazing shining new skyscraper (skyscraper don’t have advertise on top).

Next stop Imperial garden. Aka, the outer Garden of imperior palace, many people use the park to run, walk, get some fresh air, take selfie…

Last stop of the day, Ginza. Is amazing how you pass from a gardeny calm area to a messy busy shopping are in just few m.
Here we decide to award our 17000step per day avarage to get a proper massage. Luckily we find a proper one (no sexy kimono girl, but a physiotherapist). I feel much better now, and I’m seriously thinking to buy a lighter camera.

Miho is now leaving, going back to work, and I’m heading to the next japanese experience, the capsule hotel!

Today I’ve learnt:
– many basement have shopping facilities, often connected together and to the metro. You can walk for km without seeing the light in a labirint of shops, stairs, vending machine, busy people.
– Girls take underskirt selfie.
– pop star supporter have specific moves/dance to match their idol (basically the public moves weirdly, kind of at the same way).

Dreaming Japan – day 10 – Tokyo

Toio ito teatre
House NA

Day 10 is been mostly traveling back to Tokyo, and dedicated to architectural visit. So I’ll use this space for a brief description of Tokyo activities available for a fee:

Please note sex services are illegal in japan, as well kissing in public. Beside that, you can have any of these:
– Friend Rental: you can rent a friend, so you can picture togeter… For social media. (People use this also for wedding speach)
– Office dream – bar where waiter are dressed in office dress. And you can shout to them (? Not confirmed)
– Maid cafe – waiter are dressed as victorian maids
– Butler cafe – waiter (only men) are all butlers
– Dubweiser bar – girl are dressed as “formula 1 umbrella girl”
– Karaoke: As the name says
– (Mimikaki) You can put your head on the lap of a kimono girl, while she clean your ears
– (Hooters – yes the american one). Girls are dressed with tank top and very very short shorts.
– (Cuddle cafe) a girl hug you for a fee
– (Consultant) pay sevice in which a consultant tell you the best place for your expectations.
– (Health club) a girl have a shower with you (but not sex)
– (Health delivery) a girl is delivered to you
– (Host delivery) a guy is delivered to you (girl can also ask him to date him)
– (? No name found) gay and lesbian services for “beginners” if you want to practice.
– (Pink saloon) a girl (dressed) do a service by hand. The next costumer is sit next to you.
– (Boobs pub) you can touch and drink with lady (that’s all)
– (Cabaret club) you drink with a lady (you pay her time and her drinks)
– (Club) same but more fancy
– (girl bars) staff is only girl (sexy? Tbc)
– (Snack) drink is made on your table by the staff (usually girl staff only)
– (Host club) you drink with a guy which you can select from a catalogue
– (Massage shop) you can get a sexy massage from a guy
– (Couple cafe) bar for couple only, in which you can have sex. (Basically sex in public).
– (Happening bar) bar for only man or couple. Couple can have sex in the bar, and other costumer can join.
– (Ok this is getting weird, better stop now).


Today I’ve learnt:
– different price different service.

Dreaming Japan – day 9 – Nagasaki

Day 9 – Nagasaki – 5/5/17
Boy’s day (koi!)
Ghibli museum
Atomic bomb museum

Dark and cloudy, mostly rain, today was about museum. Today was “boy’s days”, vacation dedicated to young boys (there is another one for girls). Everything was “koi” themed.

First stop ghibli museum in Nagasaki (yes, I know, ghibli musum is in tokyo but, guess what, I should have booked months in advance).
The museum was pack full of people, but since we are in japan, everything was extremely organized and in well order. It was a huge queque of people slowly moving, each one waiting for his turn to see things.

Nagasaki museum was less crowded. I learnt many things about the horror of the bomb above the city. So many people dead…

Dinner in nagasaki city center. Traditional restaurant.. But with hole under the table. My knees were happy. The area was full of young people, celebrating the boy day. Japanese young girl have this way of laughing, actually giggling, on a very acute sound. Japanese have a very way to describe that:
(Hashi ga korogatte mo okashī toshigoro)
[ Funny around even rolling chopsticks ]

Today I’ve learnt:
– japanese young girl finds everything funny, even rolling chopsticks.
– Miyazaki-san ama volare, e ha sempre ” la testa tra le nuvole”
– Japanese phones (and smartphone) still use T9 (Non é raro quindi vedere telefoni di merda in giro, di quelli che si piegano a meta’)

ps. I’ve been corrected. Japanese DON’T eat sushi at breakfast.
Still they eat fish in the morning. But not sushi.

Dreaming Japan – day 8 – Nagasaki

Day 8 – Nagasaki
– Traditional breakfast in ryokan
– Move to nagasaki
– Gunkanjima
– Nagasaki church
– Traditional bath on island
– Dinner with Fugu!

Day 8, began with traditional breakfast in the ryokan. Apparently they eat sushi in the morning ad well.
We then moved to Nagasaki, for a quick sightseeing of the port area. This is the most mixed city I’ve seen so far. There are westeners, chinese, korean; and a weird mix of temple, shrine and churces. Historically was the only city open to west, and this is clearly visible in the city layout.

We then move to one of my “must see”: Gunkanjima!!
For those who know what is it, I have to say that the place is incredible and sad. It is recently awarded by unesco, so the whole city made it as a major visiting place (souvenir of Gunkanjima are all over the city). The visit consited in a very well organized boat trip, and a small trip on the island, in a “restricted to tourist place only”. The rest of the island is possible to visit only with a special permission, which you need to get…. Months in advance. I consider myself very lucky considering the boat trip Miho booked 2 months ahead was the few last available space, and Japanese organisation never lacks.

We then move to a very japanese experience. The traditional bath.
While the ryokan had a bath, a specific bath place offers natual thermal water and a very calm, cosy and beatiful environment. Evtrything is bamboo, wood, stone, water and cold air. You can stay in the hot water, or chill pulling outside. Water noise is costant. A pleasure for body and mind.

Back to reality, and back to my mission. Exploring Japanese food. Tonight was the time of Fugu, the puffyfish! Since is not exaclty the season of fugu, I had the chance to have only a small fugu (which is still very poisonous), so he was served as one of many dishes.
(Sorry fugu, but i liked my squid friend more).

Today I’ve learnt:
– japanese eat sushi even for breakfast
– Gunkanjima is visited by 1000 people a day
– The walkway done for turist in gunkanjima is on the typhoon side of the island (nothing was bulild on that side!) and they rebuilt it 3 time already.
– Japanese loves Harley Davidson, but they don’t lose their innate practicality!
– Fugu is an asshole! If he doesn’t kill you with the spike, he kills you with poison.

Ps.For obvious reasons I cannot take pictures of the bath, so Here u can find a reference image of what is advertised in the bath brochure. Your experience could be different.

Dreaming Japan – day 7 – Fukuoka – Yanagawa

Back to writing (little bit late)..
Day 7. We move out from fukuoka, walking in a huge store before taking the train. Here shopping mall are not frequent, but department store are very common. 7 floor selling mainly technology, but also tous, clotes, underware, house equipment, under the same roof. It give it a “more japanese” touch, with advertising and writing everywhere (shopping mall are the same everywhere in the world, under the name of brand identity).

In Fukuoka i ate fresh squid!
First they fish your lunch, then they cut his outer skin in stripes, which you can eat as sashimi. Then you give the rest to the kimono waiter which later brings you back a tempura of the body and tentacles, together with soup. So tasty!!!

We later arrived by bus on Yanagawa, the Japanese venice. The hotel was a ryokan, traditional tatami restaurant. We had traditional dinner and traditional breakfast.
I played for hours with paper door. The japanese house is a perfect example of flexibily in architecture.

Today I’ve learnt:

– Japanese fish is so fresh that sometime still move… While you eat it.
– Squid turn red when they are surprised! (Here would be nice to have a Japanese image representing that).
– Japanese bus are an adventure
– Japanese do tombstone for fish, saying “sorry we eat you a lot, but you’re tasty”
– Japanese tatami is more confortable than what it looks, but paper walls dont block sun.
– Sometime children disappears in temple (spirited away). Nobody seems bother, maybe the Gods took them. (Kamikakushi)