Scotland 2017 – Day 1

Scotland Tour 2017

Day 1 – Arrival.
Travel to scotland began in the best way possible. Lost my keys, rush to get to airport, flight delayed, all restaurant closed, day2 plan busted, car has it’s onw personality and he’s fighting me.

But now we are in Scotland!

The only target for the day is drive till Perth. I got the bad idea to get a big size car – very confortable indeed – but it gives me the feel it fills the whole road.
Ah. The navigator speak german, and I think she desperately try to get us back to the airport.

Perth. Night. No more restaurant open, so we wander looking for a pizza or a kebab take away. We couldn’t ask for more when we got a “kebab pizza” place and we tried the speciality of the house. The pizza kebab.

We hear bagpipes sound in the distance, people is drinking and the air is nice -and cold. 13′-
Time for a beer and we’re done for the day.

The guy in the reception look at me as I am a dumb italian who don’t get a word of english. Which is true. I didn’t get anything of what he said and I found the room only thanks to him pointing the direction.
Same apply to the pizza kebab. I have no clue what is saying to me, but I guess is taling about money or ingredients or such. He went away nodding, and ultimately I got the pizza.

Today I’ve learned:
Scottish is not English.
Girls have an accent that resemble a cold shower while arm wrestling a bear.
Guys wear skirts.
Credit cards are useless in Perth.