Dreaming Japan – day 15 – Last Day

Day 15- Tokyo – 11/05/17
I’m going back.

My vacation ends here, but I still have an amazing emotion in my heart. I travelled a lot in my life, but it was quite a while since I’ve been so much happy of a vacation. The atmosphere, the human-scale, the perfectionism, it just makes me wish I visit Japan earlier in my life.

Today I’ve learnt:
– Computer keyboard is consider a unpolite noise in train.
– Don’t belive shinkansen announcement.
– Sobayu potto. When a box meets an handle and the pouring side in a very weird way.

Final consideration and things i forgot to mentions Read more

Dreaming Japan – day 14 – Tokyo

Day 14 – Tokyo – 10/05/17

Day 14. Last day basically.
I’m getting use to Japanese customs.
My pockets are full of 10 cent coins, I can walk while writing this same text, and I can even order food!
With my few speaching skill, a lot of [ bowing ] and many “ay”, I can get ALMOST what I expected! (beside that kind of ice-cold coffe which was pretty looking like a coke in the menu…)

I’m pretty happy I din’t starve so far..

So… I’m focusing the few things I still have to visit. Time for Saint Mary Chathedral, Kenzo Tange. It’s just… Wow. Kenzo is my new Idol.

Then I met Panda-san.
Panda-san is kawaii.
It was indeed very busy into…. Panda things, i guess. eating. rolling around. eating again. Rest of the zoo didn’t impress me, too many cages. Mr. Bear-san was very sad. Read more

Dreaming Japan – day 13 – Tokyo

Day 13 – Tokyo – 9/5/17
Asakusa and temple
National Museum
Weird things

Today Asakusa. The temple is very famous and one of the main attraction of Tokyo. From the gate to the temple there is something like 500m of shops, making the way to temple veeeery slow. Here is full of turist and schooltrip.

After that I moved to Ueno, for a visit of the national museum.
Miho told me that many Girls choose school based on the uniform. Today, while in the museum there is only old people and school trip guys, I understand why (still I don’t know where all the million turist all of a sudden went! I guess the rolling chopstick are in the zoo). Read more

Dreaming Japan – day 12 – Tokyo

Day 12 – Tokyo – 8/5/17
Hitomi-san tour
Hamarikyu Gardens

Day 12. Today I’m wandering around with Hitomi-san, the guide that show japan to my aunty. It’s been funny to speak italian in japan!
The plan took us around ginza and the fishmarket. The famous messy amazing fish market. Read more

Dreaming Japan – day 11 – Tokyo

Day 11 – Tokyo – 7/5/17
Last Miho day
City hall
Imperial palace garden

Day 11. We start from the confusing, messy, colorful area of Shinjiku (the one we saw yesterday by night), and moving from there toward the city hall, passing trough an area with amazing shining new skyscraper (skyscraper don’t have advertise on top).

Next stop Imperial garden. Aka, the outer Garden of imperior palace, many people use the park to run, walk, get some fresh air, take selfie… Read more

Dreaming Japan – day 10 – Tokyo

Toio ito teatre
House NA

Day 10 is been mostly traveling back to Tokyo, and dedicated to architectural visit. So I’ll use this space for a brief description of Tokyo activities available for a fee:

Please note sex services are illegal in japan, as well kissing in public. Beside that, you can have any of these:
– Friend Rental: you can rent a friend, so you can picture togeter… For social media. (People use this also for wedding speach)
– Office dream – bar where waiter are dressed in office dress. And you can shout to them (? Not confirmed)
– Maid cafe – waiter are dressed as victorian maids
– Butler cafe – waiter (only men) are all butlers
– Dubweiser bar – girl are dressed as “formula 1 umbrella girl”
– Karaoke: As the name says
– (Mimikaki) You can put your head on the lap of a kimono girl, while she clean your ears
– (Hooters – yes the american one). Girls are dressed with tank top and very very short shorts.
– (Cuddle cafe) a girl hug you for a fee
– (Consultant) pay sevice in which a consultant tell you the best place for your expectations.
– (Health club) a girl have a shower with you (but not sex)
– (Health delivery) a girl is delivered to you
– (Host delivery) a guy is delivered to you (girl can also ask him to date him)
– (? No name found) gay and lesbian services for “beginners” if you want to practice.
– (Pink saloon) a girl (dressed) do a service by hand. The next costumer is sit next to you.
– (Boobs pub) you can touch and drink with lady (that’s all)
– (Cabaret club) you drink with a lady (you pay her time and her drinks)
– (Club) same but more fancy
– (girl bars) staff is only girl (sexy? Tbc)
– (Snack) drink is made on your table by the staff (usually girl staff only)
– (Host club) you drink with a guy which you can select from a catalogue
– (Massage shop) you can get a sexy massage from a guy
– (Couple cafe) bar for couple only, in which you can have sex. (Basically sex in public).
– (Happening bar) bar for only man or couple. Couple can have sex in the bar, and other costumer can join.
– (Ok this is getting weird, better stop now).
Read more

Dreaming Japan – day 9 – Nagasaki

Day 9 – Nagasaki – 5/5/17
Boy’s day (koi!)
Ghibli museum
Atomic bomb museum

Dark and cloudy, mostly rain, today was about museum. Today was “boy’s days”, vacation dedicated to young boys (there is another one for girls). Everything was “koi” themed.

First stop ghibli museum in Nagasaki (yes, I know, ghibli musum is in tokyo but, guess what, I should have booked months in advance). Read more

Dreaming Japan – day 8 – Nagasaki

Day 8 – Nagasaki
– Traditional breakfast in ryokan
– Move to nagasaki
– Gunkanjima
– Nagasaki church
– Traditional bath on island
– Dinner with Fugu!

Day 8, began with traditional breakfast in the ryokan. Apparently they eat sushi in the morning ad well.
We then moved to Nagasaki, for a quick sightseeing of the port area. This is the most mixed city I’ve seen so far. There are westeners, chinese, korean; and a weird mix of temple, shrine and churces. Historically was the only city open to west, and this is clearly visible in the city layout. Read more

Dreaming Japan – day 7 – Fukuoka – Yanagawa

Back to writing (little bit late)..
Day 7. We move out from fukuoka, walking in a huge store before taking the train. Here shopping mall are not frequent, but department store are very common. 7 floor selling mainly technology, but also tous, clotes, underware, house equipment, under the same roof. It give it a “more japanese” touch, with advertising and writing everywhere (shopping mall are the same everywhere in the world, under the name of brand identity). Read more

Dreaming Japan – day 5 – Kyoto

Second day in Kyoto, began with Katsura (again!). Turn out the informations we had about it were wrong and… It’s closed on Monday!

So we moved ahead deeper in the coutry to reach the Tenryu-ji temple area of Arashiyama, next to an amazing bamboo forest! I learned how bamboo grow, and that you can eat baby bamboo. Lunch in amazing traditional Kyoto dishes.

Next step, the golden temple. Read more