Dreaming Japan – day 4 – Kyoto

Day 4. Train from Osaka to Kyoto, barely 15mins at 300 km/h
We went straight to Katsura, knowing that is possible to buy ticket for the day. Finding really few information about it we went there to talk. Some lovely lady explain us how, and we replan the visit for the next day. Read more

Dreaming Japan – day 3 – Osaka

Day 3

On our third day we packed our stuff , got some lovely bento, and took the fast train (Shinkansen) to Osaka. 300 km/h of confort, very big seats, airplane windows style, cabin crew going up and down and lovely music when reaching the station. Read more

Dreaming Japan – day 2 – Tokyo

Day 2. The proper trip start here:

First stop Akihabara, neighbor dedicated to technology, manga, videogames. Busy streets, shops 7 floors tall, pacinko places, game center. (Yeah… What is the first place you want to see?). Some cosplay there give advertising flyers. I have to look for a maid cafe….. And a Zoro, when I’ll be back. Read more

Dreaming Japan – day 0

Dear all,

I’m finally heading to Japan, a long time travel dream.

I’ll keep a photography journal on this link, stay tuned for the next update!

Travel info:
London – Japan
from 27-4 to 11-5

Nagasaki (Gunkanjima!!!!)