Dreaming Japan – day 2 – Tokyo

Day 2. The proper trip start here:

First stop Akihabara, neighbor dedicated to technology, manga, videogames. Busy streets, shops 7 floors tall, pacinko places, game center. (Yeah… What is the first place you want to see?). Some cosplay there give advertising flyers. I have to look for a maid cafe….. And a Zoro, when I’ll be back.
Second stop Halajaku, young commercial street full of youngsters, shops, weird people. Just next to it a huge high street with amazing high fashion shop, leading to Shibuya, and the most busy intersection of the world.
It’s been easy to find nearby local places to have snacks and drink, in japanese style!
Today I’ve learnt:
– to deal with any Japanese situation, just say “suimasen” [ bow ] [ move your hand around ] [ bow bow bow ] arigato [ bow ]. You won’t obtain what you are looking for, but at least you keep good manners.
– Japan need to be booked months in advance.
– Pachinko is very noisy.

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